Reverse dropped player

I have a manager in my league that claims to have accidentally dropped Tonyan 2 days ago and now wants me to add him back to his team. Anyone ever ran into a similar situation? How do you prove it was truly an accident?

Two days is far too long in my opinion to reverse “an accident.” If someone truly made a mistake drop they should have let you know right away. To me it honestly sounds like droppers-remorse.

Out of curiosity, who did he add in place of Tonyan? And did he play that player this week?

One has to live with the consequences of their actions. I don’t see any QBs getting a do over when they throw a pick 6.

I had this happen 2 years in a row in my league, both with new members, but they let me know immediately after it happened and both were post draft. The first year a guy dropped like Juju (2nd round pick) and this year, a new guy dropped Lockett… I usually let one of those blunders slide a year and send a long note to the league saying that I wont add them back again. Repeat offenders arent tolerated lol