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Revised - trade McCaffrey for bye-week Mixon?


8 team standard, I have Bell/Hyde/Duke Johnson/McCaffrey/McGuire at RB, M Thomas/Cooks/Fitz at WR. The Alshon owner has multiple WRs, so hoping they’d flip one of them for an RB/Flex option like CMC.


What other wr’s does the team have?

I get the feeling that CMC might be worth more than Alshon just by his name alone.

Maybe because I got CMC in a standard as well but I don’t think the hype train has fully left the building.


Sadly rejected by the Alshon owner. They had Tate, Alshon, D Adams, Parker, Baldwin, Theilen. Figured they’d want to offload one of them at least… they just dropped Theilen for a defense but still have 5.

Moved on to offer the Mixon owner a one-for-one with CMC, since he has 3 people on bye and CMC can help him tonight, and I can bench Mixon until Week 7. Thoughts? No response yet, wish people checked trades faster. You get a notification, how hard is that!


Rejecting Alshon in standard? I think that owner has issues!

I’m not thrilled with the Bengals offense but Mixon is the guy to have after AJ.

Maybe CMC’s not as hot as I thought. His usage should pay off so I guess he’s a hold for now.

I would try to get Thielen off waivers since Diggs is hurt I’m hoping to be singing “hooked on a Thielen” this weekend!