Rex Burkhead value

What’s his trade value?

His value is only going down with Michel back… michel should be primary back with no issues getting around 15-20 carries a game… leaving I would say about 7-9 maybe 10 or so in these early weeks but it will become michels show with James white playing passing downs.

Main thing is I’d want to move Rex in my league before Michel tears it up this week. Who are some of the names I could be looking at?

Don’t come at me with any Patriots back routinely getting 15-20 carries a game. Some games, sure, but the way they game plan specific to opponent you just can’t predict things. Both guys have dealt with knees in the off season so there is no promise either is going to be effective.

Rex’s value is at a low right now so not much you can do about that. If you can get fair value do it but if not don’t ship him away for crumbs.

I would say about half the games if not more they lead by double digits… brady still gonna throw the ball… nah which opens up carries for Michel and others. They trailed Jax most of the game and he still seen 10 carries… those are very realistic projections.

Except it’s still New England and Burkhead hasn’t vanished. It wil be 15-20 carries split between the two and most of the ball catching has went to White so far, though I suspect Burkhead will catch more balls if Michel’s workload is increased. I think they took it easy with Rex last week coming off the concussion. He basically only played the 1st and 4th quarters.

I’m holding him for a better showing to up his picture on the trade scene.

hopefully it happens this weekend