Ricky seals jones or Mike Gesicki?

What do you guys think? I don’t think seals jones did enough last year for me to put him way above gesicki. I feel like they’re both a risk. My argument for seals jones is that he has been running with the starters during pre season, but Gisecki has as well, and I feel like gisecki has the opportunity to be the top pass catcher on a bad dolphins team. What do you guys think?

RSJ flashed in real games at the end of last year too so he has proven he can do it. I think Gisecki will be fine long term and there is opportunity for targets in Miami, but as long as Bradford is qb I am going with what I know and what I know is that Bradford will target the TE regularly so I like RSJ for week one. Monitor the situation there as J Gresham didn’t go on PUP so there is a chance he could be back after 2-3 games. That might force you into a streaming situation at TE, but I think RSJ has he proven upside as long as he is on the field.


Rookie TEs just don’t produce. It’s the hardest position to learn. Cardinals have like no weapons and Bradford like targeting short/mid range. I think RSJ has a good opportunity to get some targets.