Ride it out or blow up the team?

It has been a bumpy season thus far as I have hit some serious tough luck with the schedule shaping out. My question is should I ride this team out or look to make more trades? Its crazy I feel like have the best roster I have had in years and just keep getting bad breaks on the schedule so thats why im in a tough spot on what to do with either just ride it out and hope for the best or continue to try and trade. Here is my Roster:

QB- Russell Wilson, Wentz, Luck
RB- Kareem Hunt, Lev Bell, Gillislee, Alvin Kamara
WR- Mike Evans, Julio, Baldwin, Davante Adams
TE- Jimmy Graham
D/ST- Vikings, Jags
K- Matt Bryant

Standard scoring 10 team league and as you can see I’ve made many trades. I’d like to think my roster is stacked, but I am 2-2 looking at 2-3 after last night with Gilly and Evans. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you seriously for any and all help!

Stay strong man it will be fine!

Your starters look legit and you will be ok but drop a defense and trade a QB! No roster, even with Luck on it this year, should have 3 QB’s or 2 DST’s unless it is a superflex or 2 QB league. In a 10 team league there should be fliers or lottery tickets on the wire. (Matt Breida maybe?) Possibly package Wilson or Wentz and someone like Gilly (though his value is low right now) or Kamara (like him far more in PPR than standard but he has the hype right now for another RB if possible.

Wtf is that even a question… look at your team. Chill brahhh


Thanks guys I’m just having a hard time with the schedule breaking the way it has lately. Its also been difficult to trade as of late without including one of my top tier guys. Ive been trying to get Gronk and have been trying to get Shady Mccoy but both owners are unwilling to make any moves. Also Jarvis Landry is on the waiver wire and no one noticed since it was a hectic waiver week, is he worth picking up? and if so would it even help my team?

Hahah thats where I am at and I was starting to think I was insane because on paper the team is great but I have played the highest or second highest scorer each week and next week SEA has a bye which really trims into my roster for the week. Ahh so many decisions, and I feel all of them are irrational lol

What luccasg said

Thank you! Just was freaking out a little after that performance last night and of course the guy I am playing had Hogan lol

Don’t look to trade for studs even. Your team is already stacked. and yes, drop a D and grab Landry now…Landry is 1000% better to hold on to than a second D.

I want to grab Landry but am hesitant too because the rotation of Vikings D and Jags D plays nicely off one another… Playing MIN this week but next week they have GB whereas Jags have LAR. Its a hard one to drop

If it works for you then do it but I feel like it is a waste of a roster spot. I guarantee you there will be a streamable D on the wire next week. Jax isn’t all that good against the run and Gurley coming to town? I would stream the Bears OR Ravens over them, the Eagles (especially if Cox is back next week), Falcons, Skins, Texans, Bucs, even the Chargers against EJ Manuel…they may not all put up more points than Jax but the difference between many of them will be negligible whereas Landry over the next best receiver on the wire is likely sizable…

Landry isn’t even the WR1 in Miami anymore in my opinion. I am a big fan of D Parker. If anything I would try and get Cobb Or Parker but I don’t think that’s a need… I also like cobb this year. Why did you start gilli?

I don’t know what you are doing with luck but ok.

That’s what I’m thinking but do you gunk Landry holds any value at this point in that miami offense? And does adding him help my team? I do like your points though just very slim pickings on the waiver wire for D/ST. Might drop jags D and pickup Landry for trade bait

Luck was my original handcuff to Wilson and I’ve waited this long on him might as well ride t out

My only other option with Julio and Kamara on the bye’s was Davante Adams in the flex and he is still listed as questionable and in the concussion protocol so I tried to take the safer option and started Gillislee with no other real option. Right now I’m down 25-9 since I had Evans and Gillislee and my opponent had Brady and Hogan