Ride or die with Hunt?

First week of playoffs and of course I need the win. My team (Kareem the Dream) I have some hard start sit decisions…
Do I go with my pride and joey Hunt over Hyde? Rivers over Smith? Broncos over patriots? Goodwin over Shepard or even Baldwin?

My waiver wire looks like…

QB: Keenum, Jimmy G and Matt Ryan
D: Browns, Packers, steelers, ind, eagles, Vikings
WR: Watkins, crowder and sanders

Im playing Hunt because I have Gronk…and Ertz…and they’re both out. Hyde has a tough matchup on the road, Hunt has a good matchup at home. Hyde has only scored TD’s in 2 games this season, Hunt isn’t much better touchdown wise, but I would think about leaning Hunt. Watch the reports coming out this week. I doubt Hunt will lose touches, no KC back has done much for a while.

Yea that is true… jamaal has a really good matchup and if it wasnt for jones I probabbly would go with him or even Perine but I can’t stop thinking what if hunt has another big game

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Same here, if Hunt has a big game on my bench that would hurt for a long time.

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It’s hard to trust 2 players from NYG, I’m debating if I should flex Gordon or put hunt in

I live in NY, watched every NY game this season, Shepard and Engram should be fine against Dallas, other matchups would concern me but not this one.

I hope the experts talk about the Hunt vs. Gordon issue, I’ve seen it 3 times already today.

Those might all be from me lol, it’s playoffs and hunt has been a real downer

My way of thinking in the playoffs is play who got you here. ride the Kareem wave, for no other reason than just not living with yourself if he explodes for 30 on your bench. He’s been killing me the last few weeks but fortunately I locked up the 2 seed and got a bye this week. I, like Andy on the show, can’t bring myself to sit him even tho I have dion Lewis and Alfred Morris on my bench. Ride the sword and die by the sword my friend

The chiefs looked better this week, but they need to control the clock. Only running can help with that. They need to run and they know it, but we just don’t know what to expect. If my team was fully healthy I would sit Hunt, but that being said I still see him as a very good option this week at home against the Raiders.

May Kareem bless us all this playoff run

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Any word on Charcandrick yet? I think this could be a big hinge/ boost

Not that I know