Ride with Sanders?

Not sure the news today was too clear.

Need 2 and a Flex so thinking of going with Jacobs, Carson and Mack and let Sanders work it out.


Standard Scoring

Boston Scott is super talented and still available in most leagues. He should cover you well when in doubt with Sanders if you have a spot available. Otherwise you’ve got an awesome set of backs. I would switch Taylor out for Mack and call it a day. JMO

Would you drop Mattison for Scott.

Sorry do you mean start Taylor over Mack this week.


Could also drop Hockenson and pick up Scott maybe?

Any advice. Thanks

Won’t use him this week but going to drop Mattison and grab Scott.

Don’t like having 2 handcuffs but …

I would look at picking up Scott if he is available, with mack i feel like they are going to split the back field. Look at KC they said they were going to share carries and in the 2nd half CEH got a boat load of carries and i feel like that could happen with Mack and Taylor. Personally i would start Scott if news comes out about Sanders or take the chance on Taylor this week.


Just added him. If Sanders can’t go then will go him or Mack in the Flex as have a feeling Mack has a good week .

With that being said i think it could be a situation like KC where they started out splitting carries but then CEH got almost all of the carries. That could happen with Mack and Taylor. Just something to remember.

Good luck this week, hope everything works out!!

I don’t think you will need to change anything, sanders should go. So Jacobs sanders and Carson would be my starts

Appreciate it. Thanks

I would go MACK, Jacobs, and Boston Scott.

Can you advise back on my other thread?

Was leaning Jacobs, Carson and Mack.

Tough call as even though Pete said the hot hand Carson does have a good match up. …

Hope you played Carson.

Side note Eagles looked awful yesterday. :face_vomiting:

Yep played Carson and Scott.

Thankfully my lineup won this week.

Thanks for the advice and yeah the Eagles did not look good.

Now I have to figure out who to replace Mack with :slight_smile: