Ridiculous trade in my league

A trade went through today David Johnson and Blake Bortles for Kenyan Drake and Patrick Mahomes. It’s a 10 man .5 ppr 2 QB league. I thought it was a terrible trade for the side giving up David Johnson. What was he thinking?

Maybe he’s extremely high on Pat Mahomes going forward, that he’ll be this years Watson.

Perhaps he thinks that DJ will struggle this year because that offense looked really weak last week.

I’m not a fan of the trade at all, but it’s a little easier to explain this than some of the other garbage I’ve seen.

AZ doesn’t look very good, DJ having back problems after game 1, Kenyan drake looks great, Mahomes looks like hes in the perfect situation given tyreek. idk, i think you are right to prefer the DJ side but i don’t think its super lopsided

It’s not a great trade for the side giving up DJ, definitely prefer it. But I’m pretty high on Drake still going forward with MIami showing they aren’t a bottom of the league type defense and actually pretty capable on offense.

Also, depending on your leagues QB scoring format, the jump from Mahomes to Bortles is actually pretty massive.

The trade still favors the DJ side by a decent amount, but I don’t view it as absolutely ridiculous.