Riding The Snake

Anyone really want to put Rondale in your lineup this week instead of some of the top 15 options like Thielen or Godwin. Roll the em effin dice?

Think it comes down to your matchup tbh. He plays in the 1 oclock window so not much wiggle room, does your matchup have anybody playing tonight? What about the early projections, are you forecasted to lose? If so it MIGHT be worth a dice role if you need to cross your fingers and swing for the fences, but very rarely would you even consider benching a top 15 or so player for him unless the matchup looks really rough

It is a fun thought but I think I am going to roll with DJ tonight. He has a good WR/CB matchup.

I’d wait another week before making a call like that - you definitely need to be prepared to get nothing from Moore given all the Cardinal’s weapons. Most top 15 aren’t that boom/bust.