Ridley and Adams starting to sweat

Both playing the monday night game. Both absolute studs but also both are questionable

we can only hold 4 wr on the roster and i have diontae johnson (on the new bye) and jefferson.

How worried should i be that both adams and ridley miss id have to drop johnson to get a playable wr in.

What’s your record? If your at least 2-1 or 3-0 i’d personally rather eat a loss than drop any of those guys.

2-1 i was starting to wonder the same if thats the play and hope that the rest of the guys go off and sneak a win with a 0

then yeah honestly i’d just eat an L than take a flier on some scrub and lose a stud to waivers. Worst case you’re 2-2 and you come back strong next week

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Alright cool i needed to hear that.
Easy to panic when you see that but who knows maybe they both play anyways and put 50 up together

Hopefully you hear news about at least 1 of them (either confirming they are playing or confirming they aren’t) and you can slide Jefferson in to get some points

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Definitely hold them. They could win a few weeks on their own soon.

So no ruling yet should i drop jefferson for either mvs or gage both are available but if jefferson plays on the bench sunday i can’t drop him to get a second in. Is he worth holding or just hope to get him back after this week.