Ridley/Drake for Sanders/Robinson

10 team 0.5 ppr.
Rest of team is
Jacobs, Kelley, Mostert
Keenan, woods, jeudy, deebo, mvs

  • Kelce

So over drake. Keen to move him and was offered this. Took all my will power not to click accept.
Is the loss of Ridley (who didn’t have a great game but I’m not too concerned) too big or does sanders and robbo suitable cover?

im a cardinals fan and a drake owner. Smash that accept button.

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He’s gotta have some mystery injury right? Just too big a change from last year.
Definitely need to trade now. Like the ballers said, if Edmunds comes in and does well, drakes value will plummet

I totally see that side but if he goes off against a bad jets team wont his value jump right back up?

I had a similar discussion with a league mate prior to the panthers game.
Good matchup just seems to be more points for Murray. I mean Drakes weekly points has gone down each week, can probably only go up.
But I’m ready to get off the ship