Ridley dropped, FAAB advice

.5 ppr

I got $60 FAAB left

current WR group: K. Allen, C. Godwin, Marv. Jones, Julio Jones, Corey Davis, Aiyuk, and Mooney

Ridley isn’t done for the year necessarily, though I know there’s no timetable for his return but if/when he comes back I could use him…

curious how much FAAB I should throw down? $20? More?

Thanks Footclan!

Personally, I think he’s done for the year. Your FAAB is better spent elsewhere.

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you could be right, such a good player I hope he comes back

Assume redraft.

I’d place a small bid on him to store on bench and keep the league honest. Take note, if you do he’ll be hard to drop for another flyer or bye week fill in.

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I bid $1 and someone else bid $13… oh well

thanks for the help though!