Ridley or an Uncertain RB? Keeper

Full PPR… 2 Keepers… 10 team league.

We have 2 unconditional keepers so no “draft value” baked into these players.

I’m keeping Devante Adams, but I gotta pick another keeper. Options are:
Calvin Ridley
Joe Mixon
Antonio Gibson

I draft at the 7 spot so I could very well still get Gibson and CEH at the turn… The “experts” would have Ridley ranked much higher than any of these RBs (on average)… I just hesitate to go into the draft with no RB keeper. Thoughts?

Bumping post.

In a full ppr it’s not necessarily a terrible thing to go wr heavy, but in my opinion it tends to be more effective as the league size increases. In 10 team I think I’d be more reluctant to go without a rb on the keepers.

I expect that if you were to keep the two wr the rb depth available could be quite poor. I really wouldn’t be surprised all three of your drops are gone.

I think the decision here is to take a running back and know there will be plenty depth that can be more similar in production to Ridley than you might find for rb depth.

But before committing to anything like that, try to work out what other owners will do. If you can find 7 or more probable rb drops from them that you’d be comfortable with as an rb 1 type then Ridley becomes a really solid option. I just think it’s going to be unlikely

Which RB do you favor? Mixon has the most upside, but could also just be another “bell cow” for a terrible team with a horrifically bad OL… CEH seems like a guaranteed 10+ ppr ppg… and I like Gibson a lot… I just like Ridley a lot more.

I prefer CEH but that’s just personal preference. But if Ridley is by far your highest ranked then it’s OK to roll with a dominant wr two and go from there. If you can get a rb group of say Carson and Davis you could still be locked in as a contender