Ridley or Robby Anderson ROS

Who you got? .5 por

I have a trade offering there Ridley for my Robby. I feel like they are pretty similiar

I have both players and its going to be hard to keep ridley on my bench after the bye week as long as matt ryan is healthy.

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Any other input?

I lean Ridley, it does seem like Matt Ryan is coming back and Ridley has shown he can produce under the current circumstances, Sanu is also gone. Anderson is expected to produce due to the easier schedule the Jets have ahead, but I feel is a riskier bet.

Ridley. Anderson is a homerun guy, he needs the long TD otherwise he’s not of much value. Ridley gets plenty of targets and TDs, and now that Sanu is gone, his target share gets better (plus Ryan is healthy again)

Great answers guys thanks . Although Ridley on a bye this week meaning in would be trading Anderson away before his potential breakout day against Miami… hmm