Ridley or Thompson

Both good matchups. Ridley, concerned with the limit of touches but that’s just how they use him. It works and it should be a shootout. Probably one of the best of the year.

Thompson, Saints run D is actually good so I see AP struggle. Then the Saints, with all those weapons, Thompson should get more work than Ridley through the air trying to keep up. Saints secondary is still in experimental mode outside of Lattimore.

Leaning on Thompson. Should get more work, MNF, coming off a bye so lots of time to prepare and tend to his old injury.

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Almost forgot. Saints brutally ended Thompson’s season last year. Oh he mad:

“Honestly, I know I’m going to have that feeling,” he added. “I had that feeling back in my senior year [at Florida State] against Wake Forest when I was coming off my back injury from the previous year. I was thinking about it leading up to the game, walking out of the tunnel, everything. That whole week, I didn’t talk to anybody. My coaches, my teammates, they all thought there was something wrong with me. But I was just that focused like, ‘I’m going to make this team pay.’ I ended up having like 200 yards in the first half.�

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I feel like you cant go wrong either way. But either way with Thompson he is going to see work and I dont doubt he’ll make the most of it. Cause they cant keep pounding the ball with ap especially at his age. I’d be more confident playing Thompson especially if its ppr. Ridley is more boom/bust if he doesnt see the endzone hes not gunna do too much. So the safe play is Thompson the homerun is ridley