Ridley over moore

I drafted ridley over dj Moore. Went with my gut and getting buyer’s remorse. I just don’t like Bridgewater and think alt will score way more. Does anybody else see it the same??

It’s close but yes. While Moore is CAR’s #1 WR, they’ll lean much more on CMC. ATL will come out passing and Ridley will have a big year even as their #2.

That’s what I’m thinking. I’ve really moved away from just drafting the high ranked to get the person on the better offense. That’s for the backup. I was doubting my self lol

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Last year people would have said you’re crazy to draft Chris Godwin over JuJu or Keenan Allen or OBJ and that turned out pretty well. There’s some risk with both, with DJ it’s a new QB and new coach and with ATL it’s can Ridley really explode out of Julio’s shadows like Godwin did with Evans. I think it would suck 100 times more to draft DJ even though Ridley was your guy and then Ridley goes off as a top guy this year.

Very good point go with your gut. Thanks!