Ridley vs Stills

Standard scoring, deciding on who to flex, Calvin Ridley or Kenny Bills!

WR2: DJ Chark
Flex: ?

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Standard I like Ridley. Stills is a journeyman who was on the field at the right time. I think they get Hop more involved. ATL has very few options and they should be airborne playing catch up

Good point! Who do you think has the higher ceiling?

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Ridley. He can put up #1 stats if the coverage is locking down Julio. I’m not drinking the koolade on Stills. With Fuller hurt, he slid into a position for HOU that usually isn’t overly productive. Fuller had one good game for HOU and Stills got lucky imo.

Ridley is a significant part of ATL gameplan. Stills is peripheral contribution potential

I’m going Ridley!!

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Haha. It’s all a lottery. It just seems like from personelle, scheme, ability, opponent,to me that Ridley is the best choice of those two. Stills could explode. Or they could throw to one of the other 62 options they have in that offense :joy::rofl:

Does your opinion change with Matt Ryan out?

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Not really. It is significant; I won’t deny that. But Schaubs a veteran. He’s not Matty ice but maybe that’s a good thing right now. Ryan is their guy but a change of pace might be what they need. Some high percentage passes. The team rallys together. Who knows.

I think it does lower his ceiling a bit. Almost to the point of being even for me. But like Ridley upside a little more