Ridley worth a pickup?

Bye week and have Conner, Gordon, DJ, Breida and Jeff Wilson. If worth a pickup…who should I drop? Think Breida is done for the season?

I’m weak at TE and currently have LaCosse but can drop him being that I have a bye and pickup whatever is left next week at TE - sample of what’s on the wire (Engram, Uzomah, Ian Thomas)

I also have two Def in Pats and Vikes. Also holding Lamar Jackson just in case Winston decides to crap the bed

Help Please! Thanks

Just saw this NUMBERFIRE article about Ridley:

Mike Tomlin plans to go with a committee approach, so while Samuels may be the lead back and is in line to take Conner’s spot in the passing game, Ridley should still get some significant work on the ground,. That’s particularly the case with the Steelers sitting as 11-point favorites on the other side of the Raiders game this week. We should see a more run-heavy game out of the Steelers than we’ve become accustomed to, and that should benefit Ridley.

Ridley also gets some nice touchdown upside here. Conner has only seen 7 red zone targets this season, but his 34 red zone carries are the fourth-most in the NFL. With Ridley projecting to be the power back in the committee, he has a good shot at taking over a significant part of that workload.

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How long is Conner expected to be out?

This is what ESPN is reporting:

Coach Mike Tomlin relayed Tuesday that Conner has a sprained ankle that is more significant than originally thought, ESPN.com reports.


Previous reports indicated that the running back was dealing with a leg contusion, but that’s been narrowed down to an ankle issue. Given how quickly the running back was ruled out this week, his absence could extend beyond Week 14. The Steelers will thus turn to Jaylen Samuels and Stevan Ridley to head their backfield Sunday against the Raiders in some form of time share, with Trey Edmunds in reserve.

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I’m dropping Wilson for him close to kickoff Sunday. So my opponent can’t pick him up and use him against me this week.

It definitely sounds like Ridley could be a HUGE play this week!!! AND…depending on how the game goes (obviously), Ridley could very possibly be a MAJOR PLAYER from here on out, ESPECIALLY if Tomlin decides to continue with the RBBC ROS. Conner’s injury doesn’t sound good. :worried:

Yea, don’t see Conner coming back next week…with Gordon uncertain as well I need some RB depth for next week. Does anyone think that Breida (ankle injury) is the drop here to pick up Ridley and see how he performs this week? Or should I drop LaCosse and hold Breida/Wilson to see who will be SF’s lead back next week?

Considering that SF pretty much doesn’t stand a chance at this point, I’m almost thinking that they might not push Brieda. Especially since he just already “aggravated the on-going ankle injury”.

IDK…I just almost can’t see them taking the chance with him at this stage of things. He’s pretty valuable to them.

So…if you’re re-draft…going ahead and dropping Brieda might be something to consider. BUT…at the same time…it’s kinda hard to think about dropping him.

LOL…I know I’m prob not helping much here. Reckon I’m kinda trying to mull all this over out-loud in my own head as I type this. I don’t have Brieda……but I know how valuable he is.

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Haha definitely a tough decision. It is re-draft…had the same thoughts regarding Breida.

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I know buddy…………DADGUMMIT…it’s sooo hard to figure out what to do with some of these guys at this point. LOL…even when I make the PLAY-OFFS in our League, I almost dread it worse than the whole season!!! DAMMIT!!! :cold_sweat:

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is it worth dropping Alshon to pickup Ridley for a 2 weeks rental in in the first couple weeks of the playoffs?

Yes do it. Just reviewed your lineup from other thread. Jeff will never see your lineup and you need a RB. He could be considered over Cohen Sunday. Cohen is probably the consensus play, but Ridley could add value to your lineup.

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Projections are almost down the middle for attempts between them. Samuels is projected with double points though.

Forget projections. They’d be worth our consideration if they were ever right.

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Hahaha true.

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A Steelers RB that may get half the opportunities against a Oakland defense is of serious value. I dropped Brate for him last night, in favor of rolling with McDonald through the playoffs.

Is it worth holding Pats defense for that week 16 matchup against Buff or drop them for someone’s handcuff like Gio (Mixon is playing with a foot injury). I have the Vikings defense and I think I could be ok with their matchups against Miami 15 and Detroit 16 (Stafford is banged up)

Absolutely. Especially the way the Buf offense is picking up with Allen back. That handcuff could be the difference in a championship. Look ahead at your potential opponents and determine if any of them would use the Pats over you week 16 vs what they have on roster. Also look at waivers and see how replaceable they are. If both of those aspects are in your favor, make the move. If you want to know what lengths I would suggest such a move, check out my recent thread “Going for the Kill”.


My potential week 16 opponent has Mixon, Gurley, Cohen and picked up Samuels (Blocked him away from my Conner situation) he is also rostering Houston’s defense. Just looking ahead for next week so I can stash now and not lose on the waivers (zero faab left) thoughts on Josh Allen…I have Winston and Lamar. Was thinking of dropping Lamar for Allen because they both have been running a ton but Allen is the better passer. My fear is that Allen doesn’t have anyone to throw it to now lol