Right TE trade?

Hi everyone…trade question for all of you about tight ends: I have Knox but his bye and injury have me looking.

I have 2 offers made to me: Conner/Knox for Higbee/CEH (I have Darrel) and Devonta Smith for Goedert…I can absorb the loss of either. Which way would you lean? Thx

The Knox timeline is uncertain but he could only miss one game (after they bye). I personally would remain patient and throw a dart at OJ Howard, Kmet, or any other viable option. Knox was a fantasy MVP as a WW pickup producing top 3 at the position. His worst game of the season came against TEN who is #1 against the position not to mention he played with a broken hand.

On the trades: No CEH trade. When he’s healthy there’s more than likely a committee making both RBs unstartable. This also doesn’t solve you’re buy week issue as Rams have a week 11 buy.

Goedert could be the guy if Devonta is way down the list of WRs. I’d rather gamble than give up Devonta but that’s me. Again, Goedert has a week 14 (last week of regular season) bye.

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