RIP Kenyan Drake

As much as I love the talent, losing a play like that is going to haunt him. Going to be near impossible take job from gore now…

While we’re at it. Rip Jordan Howard too.


Dude, Jordan Howard. Totally open to trade him for a bag of chips.

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more like RIP chicago bears. Not sure how you come back from 2 soul crushing losses like that one and the GB one.


A full bag? Damn, that’s a high asking price. I’d give him up for a couple pieces of lays and a sip of coke.


Ha! You are so right. What am I thinking?

It’s interesting though that Adam gase went back to drake in OT to set up for the winning field goal. He redeemed himself with a nice catch and run. I’m actually gonna try and buy low on him before he eventually breaks out. With dolphins playing from behind I like see drake in the passing game. Also, i nnoticed gore get a little banged up as he went for the pylon to score…

I think his career was saved by the bears kicker missing the field goal. I agree that did revive a slither of hope. I think if Dolphins lost this game, it would have been over for Drake. I wouldn’t saying i’m buying low, i’d say I’m buying very low. Going to throw out some pennies on the dollar type feelers out there cause I love the talent so much but I’m not paying anything remotely close to what I would have before this.

Is this like a buy super low and keep him on the bench til any changes happen kinda thing? Time to make some moves since I couldn’t get much done last week. 3-3, 3-3, 2-4 (league of record) in my leagues now.

pretty much. I’m sure some dudes are on the verge of dropping him if they haven’t done so already.