Risk handcuff for Herndon?

I have Dalvin Cook and Mattison. I have witten as my TE and Lamar at qb. I’m in a dilema because I want to stash Herndon or a qb (Lamar’s bye) for next week. But I don’t know who to drop or even if I should. Is Marvin Jones droppable? Should I risk it and drop Mattison?

What are all your options on your bench?

Right now considering injuries. Kamara, Davante Adams, Singletary, Mattison, Marvin Jones and DJ Moore

I’d drop Herndon. I think Crowder eats into his role more than is being recognised

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Either don’t stash Herndon or drop jones. Mattison will get picked real quick and he’s even a possible flex play even behind cook. I can’t get him from a guy in my league, won’t even consider a trade

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