Risky running backs ruining my selection?

I’m against the league leader in week 9 and my projections have me winning at the moment, but we all know projections me nothing.

I have Martin, Hunt, Tevin Coleman, Morris at RB that I can start.

My WR are Hopkins, Julio Jones, Baldwin and Marvin Jones.

Hunt is the only confident start I have outside of my defense, kicker and QB.

Who should I play?

I would do Hunt for sure and probably Martin, going up against a not so great New Orleans run D. Morris is a wild card that really could go either way, so if your the gambling type and feel like rolling this week he’s your choice. Coleman could be seeing more work but the Carolina D is pretty on top of it. As for WR Hopkins just took a HUGE hit with the number 1 QB exiting for the year so he’s also a question mark. Julio Jones I’d say would be a shoe in, except your facing Carolina and their 3rd ranked passing D. Baldwin is the obvious choice for a start, Wilson is looking more and more on point each week, that and the fact that they really can’t rely on any kind of run game. Marvin Jones could possibly go off as well, but how do you sit both Julio and Hopkins? tough call. I’d probably go with Julio.

I’m definitely with @grahamscrackers as far as Julio goes. But there is no chance that I’m starting Hopkins with Savage under center. Once whoever they sign to replace him comes into the fold I think he is right back in the WR1 conversation, but until then his is a sit, especially with your solid receiving core. Jones is an upside play, and since you are playing the league leader he might be a good bet. Personally I’d go Julio and Baldwin no question, but it is a tough call.

*Marvin Jones

and Hopkins at FLEX, he could still catch a TD. I’d go him or Marvin Jones. Wait and see on Alfred Morris.

Thanks for the input on this.

Really has my head spinning.

I only just got Hopkins in a trade too, but I did get him in exchange for Fuller, so we can both suffer the loss.

I’m now torn between flexing Coleman Marvin and Hopkins