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Risky Trade


12 team/.5PPR

So through trade/Waviers I have built up an abundance of WR2/3. I am trying to make moves to improve my QB (currently Stafford).

My WRs:

Smokey Brown
Kevin White

Currently working on following trade

Mariotta/Devante Parker for John brown/Diggs or Watkins or Martavious

Which of the 3 should I offer ?

Is this deal even worth it ?


I am not sure I would do anything. I really like that group of WR’s. Evans is a top 5 WR, M Bryant is going to be super dangerous and could put up numbers as a #2 WR that will be better than several teams #1…that Pitt offense is lethal and with Ant Brown opposite him Bryant gets single coverage. Look at his stats from a couple years ago - way too much upside to trade him. Sammy Watkins was just traded and is in a contract year - funny how players in a contract year somehow stay healthy enough to play all 16 games. John Brown is a #2 but a big part of the Zona offense. Kevin White hasn’t shown anything so he would be the first one to go…package him with Diggs or Brown but there is no way I would part with Evans, Bryant or Watkins.


I agree with the above statement. I really don’t think there is a huge bump in QB from Stafford to Mariotta though, both will give you big weeks and dud weeks.


Wow, thanks for the quick replies. Did not expect them so quick. This is all great info. Let me add some more info from my end.

So, first off, the guy Im trading with says he doesnt want White at all, so he is not in the trade. I told him that I wasnt giving Evans, so he is not in the trade at all.

I agree with all the points @pjscud0319 made. I like my WRs. great points feel the same way.

I get to keep Stafford, so the Combo of him and Mariotta have only 2 weeks where they face a top 15 passing Def. Rest of schedule is amazing !!

What are your thoughts on Parker ? He would be my WR4

Is it still too much to give away ? For too little in return ?

Thanks Guys !!


I’d stand pat with Stafford. Nothing wrong with him and the WRs are a major strength.