Risky trading for Kittle?

I want to trade for Kittle but is it worth the risk? I feel like his injury concern is a big reason the owner is even open to offers but I offered Mark Ingram and Mark Andrews for George Kittle and Eagles DST. I’m 7-3 with basically guaranteed Playoff spot. Would you do it? Standard League

Current RBs:CMC, Jacobs, Coleman, Guice

Kittles playoff matchups are amazing. Make the trade. He’s had like 4 tds called back this year or hed be ranked even higher than 4. Do the trade.

Agree here. I would try Coleman and Andrews because I like Ingram slightly more but I think that’s plenty to lure in the other owner to give up Kittle. You don’t lose much with your RB core

Tried to get it done but the owner would only take Jacobs and Ingram for Kittle. He’s so delusional