Rivers Dak or Foles?

Championship game have to chose between these 3. I have Melvin Gordon. I leaned Dak but Tyron Smith is game time decion. I worry anout weather for Rivers and Foles.

I’m a Rivers owner and I picked up foles this week.

I plan to wait and see how the MIN Game goes. I may play foles if MIN wins.

But I also think Rivers has a nice game against the Jets and Melvin gets a lot of work in the passing and running game with no ekler and Hunter Henry.

Dak is kinda a boom bust play for me… so if that’s the route you wanna go do it.

If not I think Foles and Rivers have a same baseline… I’m just going to go with my gut Sunday morning .

Gun to my head
Rivers 51% Foles 49%

Thanks for the feedback. It does help. Weather wise new jersey should be clear and 41. I like bryce petty creating short field opportunities vs San Diego D. I would have gone Dak with Zeke back but he was bad without Tyron smith. Weather looks bad on Monday which makes me reluctant to go Foles. Major concern is San Diego going cross country but they have allot to play for. I wish I could see into the future!

Dak all the way with Elliot back. Offense runs through Elliot. Way more opportunities with him back. Look at Daks numbers when Elliot was playing

I’d go Dak even with Wagner and Wright playing

With Zeke back, would you bench Dez Bryant and start Keelan Cole if you were an underdog???

Looks like MIN won, so are you going to start Foles Sunday? Problem I have is that I also have Keenan Allen, so I’m kind of forced to start Rivers. Thoughts???

Bad weather in philadelphia Monday. I cant bet the Championship on Nick Foles in bad weather. Im going Rivers, I think.

I’m a Keenan Allen owner as well.

I feel I gotta start Rivers unless I bench Keenan

But I’m checking the weather in both matchups and going with the better .

Leaning Rivers 60/40 over foles at the moment

So is Dak the consensus here now? Minnesota won, looks like Tyron is in, winds are now forecasted at 28mph in Philly…

Correction, winds in Philly are forecasted to be down around 15mph by game time. A little tougher on the decision for me now…is that enough of a problem to keep it on the ground or is he a solid option? I’ve been going dak and foles on this one all day

At this point I am going to go Dak at home. I wish you all luck and hope it works out.