Rivers or Luck for the rest of the season?

I stream my QB and after the bye of the LAC I’m pretty impressed by luck. So I think about trading away rivers (maybe I get Julio for him and another WR) and keep Luck, even if he’s more volatile than Rivers. Any thoughts about that?

I agree you don’t need both quarterbacks. I think an argument could be made for both, but am good with Luck. There is no way you get Julio though. Maybe aim for usable wr2 if lucky.

What kind of a league do you play in where you think you can get JJ for philip rivers? I would like to join such a league and claim my free $.

But yes, keep luck. I’m fine starting luck every week going forward. He’s back to his old self and frankly, the only QBs I would prefer over Luck ROS are Mahomes and Rodgers.

Dude has Winston. No other good QB as FA. I wouldn’t flip Rivers alone, add another dude as well…

Unless you are adding another WR1 who is worse or an RB1 or 2, i think it’s very optimistic to think you can get JJ.

what do you think about RIvers or Matty Ice ROS?

Like both. Can’t go wrong with either. If i had to choose, probably matty Ice by a hair cause his defense is straight trash. But fact that he is on the road for majority of ROS worries me quite a bit. He’s not nearly as good on the road as he is in the dome.

Can you legit get JJ+something else for one of these QB’s alone? That’s possible?

No, one of the QB+X for JJ

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how would you compare wentz to matty? sorry for the questions LOL

I’d take Wentz over Matty Ice easily. Wentz doesn’t have nearly the horrid home/away splits as Ryan. And he’s just flat out a better QB.

The Falcons DST has been atrocious which means they need points to stay in it. Ryan has been great this year, and Rivers hasn’t been throwing as much. I would say Matt Ice, IMO.