Rivers or Mahomes

I currently have both of them on my team. Should I keep both of them or drop one?

I personally don’t roster 2 TEs but if you have the space, might as well carry to see if Mahomes is the real deal again this week. If he is, could make an argument for taking him over rivers although rivers is just the safer play imo. You could also try and work out a trade to see if someone can buy Mahomes high.

I usually try not to roster 2 QB’s but I like Mahomes ceiling, do you think I can sell Rivers high and if so, then for who?

It depends who is filling those bench spots. Rivers wasn’t at his peak considering those drops I feel it can be a huge season for him, and Mahomes is enticing to start some weeks and use as a trade piece

Can’t answer that question lol. It’s so broad. I don’t know who the teams are in your league, what their situations are etc. Personally, I never pay for a QB in single QB leagues so doubt you get much for him. What you could do is try and go find someone who is in need of a QB or is super down on their QB like a ryan/stafford/bigben/Mariota owner and package rivers + an RB or WR to get an upgrade.