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Rivers or Palmer this week?


Rivers is projected higher but that last game has put me off. I feel like Palmer will have to throw more without a reliable running back. Thoughts? Thanks guys!


Totally get being afraid of Rivers but Rivers is the play. The Eagles defense is without a lot of key players. Rivers will have time in the pocket and has the receivers to make it a solid solid day.


IMO start Palmer. I’m an Eagles fan and Hicks and McLeod are back this week so their D won’t be as thin as it was last week. Even without Cox, the birds D line is still stacked and they’ll create pressure. That said, I’m starting Rivers too in one league but only cuz Palmer wasn’t available. Honestly though I don’t think you can go wrong either way.


I gotta start Rivers bc no choice. He has the weapons. That was a really uncharacteristic week for him, and hopefully he should be able to put up some points like Manning even was able to! I, however, would also be tempted to pick up Palmer if he is available bc he is against SF.


The tempting aspect of starting Rivers is that I also have Keenan Allen who I am obviously starting. I was somehow able to still win last week even after starting Rivers thankfully. It’s definitely tough. Rivers has the great weapons but Palmer’s matchup is pretty soft.


For what it’s worth, Rivers ended up being the right play so thank you to everyone here who offered their opinions! I love this community!