Rivers or Rodgers (2)

So I have a decision to make, do I count on Rivers or Rodgers, or should I make a claim for Bortles too?

I have a feeling Rodgers will sit out, and in that case I’m not sure how confident I am in Rivers after last week

I have the same decision to make I’m very conflicted.

It sounds likes Rodgers isn’t going to start - i think i am picking up bortles and dropping a less important bench player. It is the championship, if you arent starting someone, then bye bye

For me that is Demarco murray, bust of the season

Yeah, I’m playing against Bortles next weekend, or he could play Dak, but if I was him it would Bortles.

Im wrong, bortles is unavailable in this league. I guess I am going to go Rivers but might waiver Foles and think about it… i think Foles could have another good week

He should be good, I think I’m going to stick to Rivers and write off last weekend as a fluke… his matchup this week…!!!

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I definitely think Foles is going to have a solid week, but I’m still starting Bortles. As for Rivers or Foles? That’s a tough one. I would monitor Keenan Allen. If he sits, then I would start Foles.

Rodgers is now on IR, so THAT conversation is resolved…

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