Rivers or Ryan? Tonight!

i know this one seems easy but it is still a question between me and my fantasy partner.

My only worry for Rivers is this game is in Arrowhead, it is supposed to be cold and wet. Plus he does not have the greatest track record against the Chiefs in Arrowhead.

What do you guys think?

I think Rivers is a bit overrated this week, for reason you mentioned. On the road, not the best weather, cold, tough division rival. Not to mention the offense just didn’t seem to click as well without Melvin Gordon. That being said, the potential for a shootout, and the fact that Rivers has brought you this far would lend me to play him over Ryan, who has been kind of meh all year.

Well Ryan has been my game almost all year. Rivers was steady but he never had the huge games like Ryan had several of since week 1.

Ryan has not been great lately. And the Arizona defense has gotten better. Plus I do not see him going out and putting up 300+ and 2 or 3 TD’s. I can see Rivers needing to do that just to win the game.

But at the same time Ryan is at home with what could be a “fake” improving Arizona defense.

But you also have to look at what Rivers did in Pittsburgh without Gordon. He was a beast. Pittsburgh defense is better than KC. I just worry about the weather.

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Wow, I just went back and looked, you were right. I underestimated Ryan’s good games. But Rivers has had multiple touchdowns EVERY SINGLE week except last week, which is insane. And hasn’t turned the ball over much. I don’t think many would argue Ryan has been better this year than Rivers. Also the Cardinals defense is allowing 3rd fewest points to quarterbacks this year, mostly because quarterbacks don’t need to do much against them. I live in Kansas city, I am there right now. The weather is fine. 40 and cloudy.

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Man what are the chances I would get someone right there in KC! HAHA!!. Thats awesome!

Yeah I think Ryan’s success has been overshadowed by how bad the total team has been. But like said you look at him lately and he is not playing well. Rivers has not had to do as much as Ryan since he has had Gordon but he showed in many games he can if he needs too.

I think in this situation i just have to go with the one that makes the most sense and hope for the best. I would rather loose with Rivers than Ryan anyways because I can still say i trust the process and did not try to get cute.

Thanks for the input. I also have KC kicker so I was a little worried there but I am going to trust him.

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yeah that worked out pretty well. haha Rivers doesn’t play great in the cold, but I think 40 or upper 30’s should be ok. I like the thought process. Good luck.

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Fingers crossed! This is what I am looking at. I am Christian Missionaries.

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