Rivers tonight or a Monday Brees?

Quite the dilemma for myself tonight; both feel a bit risky to me, but your thoughts would be greatly appreciated, FootClan!

Wow that is tough. I want to lean Brees because I think he will torch Carolina but he may not have to. Depends on if Carolina can stop the run. There defense has been pretty bad lately so I doubt it.

I like Rivers. That is who I am playing tonight over Ryan. He carries some risk but with both teams out their best 2 RB’s I think they are going to have to air it out. Rivers has a nice ceiling of 300+ and 2 or 3 TD’s.

Honestly I think you flip a coin man. But I think I lean Brees.

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Thanks for the reply! Now I just gotta figure out if I roll with the rookie Justin Jackson or start Marlon Mack, Gus Edwards, or Jaylen Samuels (gotta start 2). Hoo boy…