Robbie Anderson for Cooper?

HPPR I’m trading away Anderson. I have Fuller, I feel I dont need to deep ball guys.

youre getting cooper? if so i’d trade for him i think cooper long term will produce.

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I’d take that trade in a heartbeat.

Anderson got 1 target. Cooper didn’t do much better but I am hoping there’s some regression to the mean there. Jared cook won’t lead the team in targets and Cooper is their most talented WR.

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I get that people like Cooper by a large margin but i would water bet that Anderson outproduces Cooper this year. Anderson was targeted just once because the rookie was being cautious in his first start but his confidence is growing and the Jets will be trailing a lot this season. He’s going to have to hit Anderson deep and often. Anderson is faster than Cooper and has none of the problems Cooper does with drops. I see big things for Robby Anderson this year. Just speculation but want to throw this out there.

Not sure how to back up anything you said with facts but I’ll give it a rebuttle here:

How do you know the jets won’t be cautious going forward? It was very clear who his top guy was. It’s Quincy. In fantasy, I am chasing volume and targets. Anderson crushed last year sure but that was also with a different QB and without Quincy in the line up. Remember that even last year, Quincy was supposed to be the guy but he got injured which led to Anderson breaking out. I think it’s unlikely that the jets change their game script significant by forcing a rookie QB to go out there and force 40-60 yard bombs too frequently. Give me the 30% target volume of Quincy going forward in any ppr formats. He led in both snap % and targets. Chase volume, not TDs.

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Fact of the matter is this. Those go routes are hard to hit and easy to defend, especially if that’s the only trick you have, which for Anderson, it is. If you’re relying on a 50 yard TD bomb every week for fantasy production, you’re in trouble.

So what? Plenty of players are faster than others. Literally doesn’t mean anything. By your logic, Anderson is also faster than AB/JJ/OBJ/MT. Doesn’t mean he’s better than them. Also, he’s not even that much faster. Cooper runs a 4.42. Anderson runs a 4.41. Honestly, who gives a shit lol. Cooper has a much more developed route tree than Anderson. Anderson literally knows 1 route, the go route. Can’t be a one trick pony in the NFL and expect to succeed. Also, dropped passes are bad sure, but end of the day, doesn’t really matter for fantasy. Cooper is their best receiver and realistically, their only option. What limits Cooper isn’t Cooper, its Derek Carr. And Oakland will be playing from behind early and often. I don’t expect Jared Cook to be the teams leading receiver going forward.