Robbie Anderson/Justin Jackson trade

Hey guys, I was just offered justin Jackson for Robbie Anderson. I’m pretty weak in the running back department. My running backs are David Montgomery, David Johnson, Antonio Gibson and chase Edmonds. My wide receivers are davante Adams, Chris Godwin, Robbie Anderson, Robert woods, marquise brown and dj chark. I’ve tried to trade brown and chark for a running back but no luck. My waiver wire is depleted of running backs. I feel like I’m losing out on the trade, but I feel like I need to make the move. What do you think. Thanks for the help!

You gotta be able to get more than that for Robby. Id try to package one of your RBs and Robby for a better RB. Maybe look at the guy that just lost Sanders for a couple weeks and see if he would do Montgomery and Anderson for him. Id target a fringe RB 1 and try to use what you have to get him.

There are no guarantees that Jackson will be any good or that he will be the number 1. Anderson has been a top WR all season, you should be able to get better, at least an established #2 RB

Good points…would you consider Anderson for gaskin a fair trade?

Also forgot to mention I’m 2-4