Robby A or JuJu

Have Landry for WR1, this is for my WR2 spot. Full Point PPR.
JuJu vs Patriots
Robby A vs. Saints

Robby’s garbage time upside beats Juju’s fourth place option (behind AB, Bell, and Bryant) for me in this choice.

You think JuJu is behind Bryant? Why is that? The only thing I can think of is due to his hamstring issue this week, otherwise JuJu is the 3rd option.

Still, you make a great point of being option 1 vs. option 3, even with a backup QB for Robby.

2017 Targets: Bryant-67 v. Juju-57, though they both have 37 receptions, so Juju is catching more. But he’s fourth on the option list. And check it, Juju’s only big games have been when Bryant was out or in the doghouse.

Anderson, just based on hamstrings alone.