Robby Anderson on the Wire

Tyreek owner here… someone dropped Robby in my league; Love his ROS schedule especially when Darnold comes back.
Drop candidates for Robby are Demarcus Robinson or Royce Freeman.

Thoughts on this move?? Thoughts on Robby in general??

Im dropping Anderson this week. I really have no idea what to expect from him. I have Royce Freeman. Would rather keep a RB I know is touching the ball every week. I feel like you can find 20 different WR like Anderson on the waiver every week

Like Robinson way better too till hill gets back

pre season, i was a fan of robby. his production has been bad without darnold but would expect him to pick it up quite a bit once they come off the bye and darnold is back under center.

Appreciate the feedback fellers.
I’m thinking once Tyreek returns Robinson/Hardman will likely not be startable.

robinson played close to 100% of snaps last week… high snap count plus a QB returning should equal production

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you mean robby?