Robby Anderson or Sterling Shepard ROS

Standard league, looking for a depth receiver. Thank you!

Anderson higher ceiling, Shepard higher floor. two things to note… Anderson still has a bye ahead, and has a string of three games with Peters, DEN CBs, and Lattimore ahead. Shepards worst match up will be week 16 vs Peterson.


Thanks for the analysis! I’m mostly looking for this week because I have Jeffrey, Crabtree and Cooper (looking to move him) on bye. Also have Michael Thomas

Figured I would ask about rest of season outlook to get a full picture though

I would go Anderson becuase he doesn’t always get the CB1 on the other team with Kearse there. I’m selling all NYG minus Engram

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The thing that worries me about Shepard , is that you got to believe that some where along the line they’re going to sit Eli and start Geno or Webb to see what they have for the future. That’s y I would go Anderson.

Awesome, thank you all for the advice! What about for week 10 in particular? Both have solid matchups (Shepard v 49ers; Anderson v Bucs)