Robert 'Fat Rob' Kelley... time to part ways?

As a new member to this site this year, this is my first ‘New Topic’ post and its a topic that has impacted the 4 teams I have this year… When is it time to let go of Robert Kelley?

Preseason I saw this Washington Offense cooking with Cousins and Robert Kelley being the bell cow they needed to bust through the defense on top of Cousins swinging the rock. Chris Thompson has clearly emerged as their RB1 with high upside to his catching ability.

So, is there any hope for Rob Kelley in 2017?

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Really depends on the league you are in. How many teams in your league, who is available on waivers if you were to drop him.

I’d say there is still some hope. Some.

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I agree with @Ouch22. Kelley has SOME dependability still.

It was more of a general question about Kelleys potential ending the season with true production because its a uneventful year. But I’m in a 10 team league and have great options for the 2 RB slots. I doubt he’ll make it into my flex spot too.

But overall, he hasn’t received double-digest touches since week 2 and hasn’t score over 10 points all year (I understand he’s battled some injuries) but now he’s got yet another ankle injury lingering… (is he worth the stress? haha)

If you have better options and you won’t really be using him, then chuck up the deuces on him. It’ll open up a slot for you to pick up a player needed to fill in for byes or injuries.

Chris Thompson getting 5 carries a game plus 8-9 passes is not a RB1

he is their best options as of late but gruden will never make him their #1

It’s just been their only option as of late. Thompson is their safety blanket.