Robert woods for Chubb

I was hit hard by Lamar (rb2) and Mack (rb1) after luck.

My roster

Justice hill
Justin Jackson
Royce Freeman
Damien Harris
Darwin Thompson

D. Adams
R. Woods
Kenny G

His team

James White
C. Thompson
Ronald Jones
Jalen Richard

Michael Thomas
Allen Robinson
Anthony Miller

Offered Harris, Kenny g, and Mack for Chubb and Miller.

He countered with woods and Mack for Chubb. I’ma push hard to get Miller back tho. Any thoughts?

Bro in a heart beat, you have solid WR’s and your RBS are terrible (no offence).


Yes all day I would do that deal.

None taken. I was more than happy to roll through the season with Mack and Miller as my rbs. We start 2rb and 3wr with a flex. So i was going four good wrs and those guys. Now I am forced to make something happen… giving up my third wideout and terrible rb1 for Chubb and hopefully Miller doesn’t seem like a bad trade-off.

That’s only a maybe from me. Mack is a solid RB, and if they leave him in a bit more than last year in passing downs (they’ll be trying to come back a lot), he’ll be around back-end RB1 in my opinion.

Would he wait a week ? So you can see what you have in Mack. If not, I’d do the trade.

I like Mack and can see him being decent with brisset at QB. But the lack of receiving last year and nyhiem hines really make me question if he is gonna be as good as we hoped this year.

I am a firm believer in not taking the wait and see approach. Values can change too much and then I miss out completely on the trade.

I’m gonna think on it some more throughout today and maybe see if I get more responses on here.

Thanks for those who have already responded!

If you dont want to wait I would to the trade right now

Just got a text to discuss an Aaron Jones trade. Hopefully I can get this all finagled before the end of today.