Robert Woods (w/ Darius Slay) or AJ Green?


My only concern with playing Robert Woods this week is I suspect he’s going to be the one drawing the coverage from Darius Slay. The Rams offense has enough weapons to be able to work around the tight coverage on Woods, so it makes me hesitant to play him, especially considering I feel Kupp is due for a big game.

On the other hand, I have AJ Green, going tonight against the Browns, and I find their secondary to be suspect. Green didn’t necessarily look like vintage AJ last week but against a solid Chargers secondary he did pretty well, and I think that OPI call was way weaker than the SNF one. I also kinda like having players on Thursday games, especially if they’re between teams I don’t have much invested in otherwise.

So, snap me out of it and remind me I need to play my guy who I paid up for and not get too cute with matchups, or take the allure of a vintage AJ Green sighting?