Robinson for Golladay

Should I trade James Robinson to receive Golladay?
PPR Super flex.
My RBs: Montgomery, Jacobs, M.Brown, Gibson
My WRs: Fuller, Woods, Thielen

Unfortunately, James Robinson will not be enough for Golladay. I fully expect Golladay to be a target monster and a high-end WR1 this week and moving forward (barring injury of course). The first 2 weeks alone has shown the sheer talent Det has missed without Golladay on the field.

Even with Golladay being out for 2 weeks, you are going to have to pay to get him.

The Golladay owner offered me the trade for Robinson

So in that case you are saying I should do it?

Oh, ok. You are to receive Golladay for Robinson, on the same page now.

I would accept the trade.

You have your RB1 in Jacobs with Monty and Gibson giving you RB2 value with RB1 upside for both.

Robinson is a solid RB2 with RB1 upside, however, as I said earlier I fully believe Golladay is a consistent WR1 starter with top 5 upside.

Definitely a trade in your favor, especially since you are a PPR league.

I’d accept that! Robinson is doing well but who knows if it will continue all season, this way you’ll need up your WR core with a strong WR