Robinson for Herbert/Gurley

I’m 3-6-1. Need to win remaining 3 games.

Do I trade James Robinson and Robby Anderson for Gurley and Justin Herbert?

Ive been streaming QBs all season and every loss can be attributed to bad QB play.

My RBs are Gibson, Carson, Ekeler and Balage



A top 5 RB is worth way more. If you’re trading him for a QB, it needs to be Kyler or Maholmes. I have him and I don’t even know if I’d trade him for one of those two, at least not straight up. Definitely don’t throw in Anderson.

I have a hard time seeing anyone paying top 5 rb prices for him. I’m not gonna pay the same ball park as kamara, Henry, CMC (healthy), jones, cook. Maybe he fits into a tier down of Chubb, jacobs, carson, sanders but personally I’d probably take most of those given playoff schedule.

Not crazy about this deal though or overpaying for QBs

I did the trade. I feel I’m decent at running back without him. His schedule is tough.

In our league, it’s very expensive to come last. Last place throws an all you can drink/eat bonanza so I am trying to avoid coming last.

It pains me to give up the RB4 but I need a QB. Every week I’ve lost, it’s been within 7 points and always because my streaming QBs have failed me. And amidst everyone in my league rosters 2 QBs. My option this week would have been Jameis or the Jags QB.

Only time will tell!