Robinson II For Saquon?

My RBs and WRs

RBs: Kamara, Aaron Jones, Awesome Excellent, Gibson

WRs: Hill, Kupp, Metcalf, Ridley, Robinson II, Lamb, Godwin

His RBs and WRs

RBs: Henry, Elliot, Barkley, White, Mixon

WRs: Thielen, Julio, Dionte Johnson, Shenault

@Tenzuuh ??

I do it if Im getting Saquon, you don’t really need him until he’s fully back and with Jones and Kamara you’re (should be) fine. I have no idea what to expect from the Bears however so Robinson might have a great season I don’t know, but you already have 3 WRs I would start over Robinson at least in Hill, Kupp, and Godwin If you can only start 2wr and 1 flex I’d be thinning down there.

You have the same problem I do with having a lot of WR’s and I’m trying to trading the ones I’m not positive on starting week in and week out.

Yeah, I’m trying to thin down on WR because I have a LOT of depth compared to everyone else in my league. If you wanna PM we can talk more about our teams and everything like that