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Robinson or Landry


I’ve got Jarvis Landry and Allen Robinson and I not sure which one to start this week. Who would you start? 0 PPR league.


Landry. I prefer to chase the volume and his target depth is deeper than it’s ever been. Plus landry probably has the better QB


I believe Robinson has a tad more upside for a non-PPR league.


I think the script on Landry is going to be re-written this year in a very positive way. Tyrod loves the long ball and landrys target volume is still massive. Typically the long ball wasn’t landry’s thing but that seems more like a product of the offense he was in than a lack of down field receiving skills. I think last week’s 7 for 106 was a bad week. If he gets 10-12 targets a week he’ll be elite this year.


Plus the Browns are going to have to throw a ton to keep up with the Saints