Robinson, pick up?

Strong feelings coming from Jax on this guy being the main guy. Ballers have pushed him as well.

Would you rather have Thompson or Robinson?

Available in half ppr league

Rb depth - Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, David Johnson, Lindsay, Chris Thompson

Bench - marvin Jones, ruggs, Anthony Miller, Curtis Samuel

I have Thompson but just added Robinson. In 1/2 ppr id say Robinson

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im leaning robinson too, hard to trust an undrafted free agent over someone who has a track record with Gruden like Thompson.

Anyone else have some help on this one?

I’m all in on Robinson. Jags released Fournette and one of the reasons was that they didn’t see a gap between him and Robinson. They also said he has the skillset to be a three down back. Chris Thompson is a walking talking injury.

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Scooped Robinson