Robinson Trade

Trade option - I have Stafford as my dynasty Qb and looking to acquire Robinson fit stacking. Thinking of offering lockette and mvs plus a 2024 2nd round pick. Do you think it is too much?


I’d do it. If you believe in ARob then go for it. I’d try it with out the future pick if you need to go pay for it then do it.

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Mcvay wanted A rob, so I would assume he thinks the talent is still there. Until last year he was always consistent. If you need a consistent player, and not a ceiling player, I think A-rob is the way to go. If you already have a cooks, or keenan allen type maybe staying with MVS and looking at his upside to be tyreek two is the way to go. They gave him 3 years in KC so they also think they have something in him. Guess it just depends who else you have on your team but lockett has zero potential for me with the QB situation they have, and the high running scheme they like. At best they get baker, and we see how well that worked for OBJ…