Rodgers and Cooks for OBJ

Fair trade?

I personally like the OBJ side of this trade.

I’m trying to get obj. Do you think I should go for it?

Yes I would do this to get OBJ

wow, who are you other qb’s and wide outs?

This is my roster in my 8 team standard league.
QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB1: Davonta Freeman
RB2: Melvin Gordon
WR1: Brandin Cooks
WR2: Michael Thomas
TE: Travis Kelce
Flex: Tarik Cohen
D: Oakland
K: Justin Tucker
B: Adam Thielem
B: Mark Ingram
B: Jaguars D
B: Austin Hooper
B: James Winston

You’re giving up possibly the QB1 and a WR1 for hopes that OBJ comes around? That’s steep, you should be trying to buy low, not overpay

I think Rodger’s stock is going down significantly due the fact that both starting tackles are out as well as his two favorite targets. Do you think Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers even with his injury depleted offense?

I think he’s the most talented QB in the league that’ll most likely be in shootouts all year… my biggest thing is it seems you’re buying obj at cost when you should attempt to get on the low…

if you are in a 8 team you can stream a wr for blow up potential off the waiver. the pats offense is breaking cooks may see more work. obj is good but he’s not that value. over paying. shoot for an amari cooper or a mike evans if you want a new wideout for cooks. keep rodgers he will create points he always does. besides you paid a high price for him. if you really want odell then do it. but i think that offer is worth atleast antonio brown and a rb3 or 2 wr 1 or something. not just one post injury odell

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