Rodgers @ Chi ... or

Bears DEF makes me nervous to start Rodgers. should i even consider grabbing Dak or Mayfield for this week?? (STD league)

Yes, I have never gone against starting Rodgers but their O-line is horrific and the Bears are for real. Look at what they did against the Rams last week. I would pick up Dak if he is available without a seconds thought

Does this go with Aaron Jones as well?
I can’t believe I’m debating sitting him- and starting David Johnson.

I have Jones, and am not playing him. Chicago has been way too good. Gurley didn’t do squat, and he’s been running over lines all season. It doesn’t help that Chicago is at home.

Before even reading who the “or” QBs were I decided to roll with them over Rodgers. Chicago is just that scary.

I 100% still standby my decision and I think you should go Dak.

I would not bench Rodgers for Mayfield. He’s playing @DEN and if there is one thing that Mayfield has struggled vs this year, it’s pass rush. DEN has that by the boatloads. Look at what HOU did to him.

I would not bench rodgers for Dak. Just go look at his Home/Away splits this season and you’ll see why. As much as rodgers has struggled, i’ll take 60% of rodgers over 100% of dak on the road all day.

If Wentz is available, i’d consider starting him over Rodgers or if someone happened to give up on wilson/goff after this week, I’d consider starting him over Rodgers. But other than that, no one else in that range I would want.

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Same but I’m planning on starting Justin Jackson. That d scary af man

For me it’s Rodgers or Josh Allen… leaning Allen?

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