Rodgers for AB

Was just offered Rodgers for AB other receivers in my lineup are Julio Evans Thielen Emmanuel Krupp and Hurns

What quarterback are you currently using?

Rivers until someone drops a QB

hmm Idk, Brown is a hard person to give away, Rodgers is a great qb, but I don’t quite know if I’d do that. If you’re really hurting for a qb, you might be able to get something decent with some of your other options, I’d just look around alittle more before doing that.

Yeah don’t do it your better off streaming Qbs

Wouldnt do it. But your receivers are stupid deep, how did you end up with AB, Julio and Evans?? Your RB situation is probably weak, im shopping any of those 3 for a Bell/McCoy/Hunt. You could have a seriously good team.

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Agreed, if you’re trading off antonio brown, you could end up with a stupidly good RB, which would be better of then trading for a qb. That being said, I still don’t think I’d trade brown off.

Traded Hunt, Cook, Martavis Gurley after their huge games for them, my RB’s are Zeke, Bell, Gordon and McCaffrey

Completely agree. Brown/Julio is the best WR combo possible in my opinion. Maybe trade evans for a RB1. Then flex Sanders. Thats pretty tough to compete with.

Well shit, is there anyone you’re not stomping? I wouldnt trade anything, seems like you’re the one holding all the chips

After OBJ’s low score game trying to buy low on him with Emmanuel and Hurns