Rodgers for D. Williams & Mike Evans

Thoughts on this trade…btw i have Josh Allen as my backup

If you’re receiving Williams and Evans I would do this.

do you think this person would actually do it? I wouldn’t even consider giving up those guys for Rodgers but if you can do it, obviously you should lol

ya the dude proposed it to me. I was hesitant only cuz that would have left me without a QB but now that i was able to pick up Allen I think its a no brainer plus my WRs would look like:

JuJu, Evans, Woods, Thielen, Tyrell Williams, and Mclaurin…this makes me happy lol

this makes me happy for you. I would try to flip one of those receivers for a RB depending on your needs. I’m rolling with the Stallion since Andrew Luck retired, so lets gooooo

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ya my RBs are Zeke, Jones, and Miles Sanders… I could get extra depth here