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Rodgers for Diggs?


This is a PPR league. Another team wants to give me A. Rodgers and a sweetener of my choice for Diggs. The only concern I have is that my team needs lots help. I need better WRs and RBs. My WRs are D. Thomas, J. Maclin, L. Fitz. M. Lee and J. Brown. He doesn’t really have any WRs better than that. My RBs are L. Miller. J. Allen D. Martin A. Abdullah C. Johnson and D. Johnson on IR. Pretty sure I should make the trade but any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.


I think the more important question is who is your QB?

And what would the “sweetener” be?


Iv been streaming. At the moment is rivers


This is his roster. I doubt he’ll give up one of his RBs